I attended the Paranormal Activity press screening a week or so before Paranormal Activity hit cinemas in the UK, I had heard all the hype from America, watched the clips and trailers and to be really honest I wasn’t massively impressed, I thought it looked ok at best. But let me tell me, when I watched it, I loved it! I’ve never seen so many people go for ‘toilet breaks’ in a press screening. Also generally the press are a miserable lot, most male film journalists looks like slightly overweight, hairier and uglier members of Kings Of Leon (most of the women look pretty normal :)). In a press screening you don’t hear many gasps, laughs, screams or any other sound you’d usually hear in a cinema, there’s usually silence the whole way through, but with Paranormal Activity there were gasps galore, the Lady next to me was sh*tting herself (made me lol). All in the moral of the story is that Paranormal Activity was really good and it made the press scared. Paranormal Activity, is released on DVD and Blu-ray TODAY (Monday 22nd March).

Now you can experience the phenomenon that is PARANORMAL ACTIVITY in the comfort and safety of your own home! This is the story of Katie and Micah, a carefree couple who become haunted by an unseen presence in their house. They decide to investigate the increasingly bizarre and escalating intrusions by setting up a video camera to capture evidence of the demonic presence in their house, only to find much more than they ever imagined.

Described by Harry Knowles from AIN’T IT COOL NEWS as “one of the scariest at-home viewing experiences ever!”

EXTRAS: Alternative Ending/ “Film Your Own Paranormal Activity” Short Films/ Introduction by Director Oren Peli/ Audio Commentary by Director Oren Peli