Now THIS is something I’ve been looking forward too, Robert Rodriguez has just released a special politicly charged trailer for Machete. The trailer features a special “Cinco De Mayo message for ARIZONA” in response to the nuts immigration law Republican Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has put in place (here’s a good article outlining the law and the views against it ). Machete is the feature length adaptation of the fake trailer made for Grindhouse and I for one am hyped, it look’s like 100% dumb/badass fun.

Rodriguez wrote the script and co-directed the movie with his longtime editor Ethan Maniquis. The action/exploitation film follows Danny Trejo as a badass Mexican out to mess with The Man. Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez and Lindsay Lohan co-star. 20th Century Fox is releasing the film on September 3rd 2010, aka Labor Day Weekend.