Twitch Film and Sky Movies have released two new clips from John Landis’ (Animal House, Blues Brothers, American Werewolf in London, Coming to America) upcoming black comedy Burke and Hare. This film looks fantastically fun, it’s firmly cemented on my must see list. The cast is first rate in Simon Pegg, Andy Serkis, John Cleese, Isla Fisher, Tim Curry, Tom Wilkinson, Jessica Hynes, Bill Bailey, Stephen Merchant and Ronnie Corbett . Burke and Hare is released in UK cinemas 29th October.

BURKE & HARE is a comedic take on the true story of the 1828 Edinburgh body-snatchers William Burke (Simon Pegg) and William Hare (Andy Serkis). These two Irish entrepreneurs, spurred on by a chance meeting with a gorgeous actress (Isla Fisher), discover that a dead body can fetch a hefty price when the demands of the leading medical professors Dr. Knox (Tom Wilkinson) and Dr. Monroe (Tim Curry) reach beyond that of the local supply.