Production Weekly have brought word that James Franco and Javier Bardem may be up for parts in Clash of the Titans 2 -which is to be officially titled Wrath of the Titans. They Tweeted the following about the upcoming sequel:

‘Rumored casting choices for the Warner Bros. sequel “Wrath of the Titans”, Javier Bardem for Ares & James Franco for the role of Agenor.’

For those not brushed up on their Greek Mythology, Agenor is the King of Tyre and son of Poiseden and Libya, while Ares is the God of War. I like both Bardem and Franco a lot, but to be honest I’m not sure on a sequel to Clash Of The Titans, the first film was a turd huge disappointment. Battle: Los Angeles director Jonathan Liebesman is on board to direct the new sequel, while Sam Worthington and Gemma Arteron are set to return.