In a recent sit down with Total Film, Gemma Arterton revealed that she will be starring alongside Andrew Garfield in the Michael Mann’s ‘Capa’. A biopic based on Susana Fortes’ award-winning novel, “Waiting for Robert Capa”. Robert Capa was a pioneering combat photographer and photojournalist who covered five different wars.

“This year’s been intense, but next year’s going to be… intenser! [Laughs] I’m attached to about nine projects but I’m not sure which one’s I’m allowed to talk about.

But I’m aiming for even more diversity. Capa [biopic about the combat photographer Robert Capa] is confirmed, so I should be working with your hottest actor, Andrew Garfield! [Garfield is lined up to play Capa, Arterton plays his partner, Gerda Taro, the first female photojournalist to cover the front lines of a war] and of course there’s Clash 2…

And, fingers crossed, I’ll be working with Michael Winterbottom on London Fields and then there’s… actually, no, I better stop. You’re going to get me into trouble… But thanks for the award!”

As a sucker for biopics I’m pencilling this film under ‘highly anticipated’ in my upcoming movie directory – I don’t really have an upcoming movie directory…..I’m not quite that sad……I am highly anticipating this though! I’ve always got a lot of time for Andrew Garfield, Gemma Arterton and Michael Mann. At present no release date has been announced.