In time for the UK release of their thoroughly entertaining animated flick ‘Tangled’, the good folks over at Disney have sent me these two delightful character Q&A’s for the two leads in the film – Flynn Rider and Rapunzel. Tangled is out in UK cinemas January 28th, 2011. Have a butchers below!

FLYNN RIDER is his own biggest fan, and he has long relied on his wit, charm and good looks to get out of even the stickiest situation—and his life just happens to be full of sticky situations. Flynn is a thief looking for the one last, big score that will allow him to finally live the life he’s always dreamed of. He’s never been closer to having it all when he meets Rapunzel, an odd girl with ridiculously long hair. Rapunzel seems to be the only girl in the world immune to Flynn’s moves, and for the first time ever he seems to have met his match.

Rider is currently in an unlikely alliance-slash-epic journey with the girl from the tower. An adventure of a lifetime, it may just help him realize that sometimes you don’t know what you want… until it hits you over the head—literally.

You’ve been described as a “charming” bandit. Are you?

Flynn Rider: Am I charming? [SMILES] Well, you be the judge. [SMILES AGAIN, THIS TIME WITH MEANING] Scratch that. I don’t need another judge—plen-ty of those to contend with already, thank you very much. So… I’m sorry—you want to know if I’m charming. Well, it’s like this. I’m a good guy at heart, you know? I may have borrowed a thing or two from people who have a thousand things or two… thousand. But I mean no harm, really. And if a warm smile or a kind word to them or those they hire to hunt me down makes their day a bit brighter—then so be it: I’m charming.

What attracted you to Rapunzel?

Flynn Rider: I’d like to say it was her long golden hair, her big green eyes, her amazing voice, and a—shall we say—spirited personality that could keep even the most charming bandit on his toes. But the truth is… well… it was her tower. Tall. Nearly impossible to break in to… the PERFECT hiding place.

Hey, you wanted the truth. I mean, she is beautiful and all of those things. She’s also good with a frying pan—but not in the way you think. [RUBS HEAD]

Do you have a dream?

Flynn Rider: Well… yeah, I have a dream. Everybody has a dream.  Oh—you want to know what it is? [LAUGHS] Dreams are tricky things. People tend to want the one thing they can’t have. So for me, I’ve always wanted… well, what’s the nice way to say it? Freedom. Independence. A carefree life. And for a kid who never had those things—not in the way I wanted anyway—the only way I knew how to get them was with money. Piles of it.

Why would a girl like Rapunzel pick you to be her guide?

Flynn Rider: Why wouldn’t she? [SMILES] Seriously… why wouldn’t she? I’m an explorer… of sorts. I’ve been around. I know all the best places—caves, castles, pubs. Plus, I’m the first guy to show up in her tower who she could trust. Well, I’m the first guy to show up in her tower, anyway.

You’ve teamed up in the past with the Stabbington Brothers, but yet, they don’t seem to be your biggest fans. What gives?

Flynn Rider: Never trust a guy who wears an eye patch… or his brother. These guys grow a few biceps and suddenly they’re in charge, you know? Ah, let’s face it: they’re thieves, I’m a thief—it’s not exactly a relationship built on trust. In the real world, it’s survival of the fittest—or in this case—survival of the clever…est… best looking? Hey, whatever works.

What’s up with your horse Maximus?

Flynn Rider: Whoa, whoa, whoa. That fleabag is NOT my horse. MY horse wouldn’t stalk me all day and all night for no good reason. MY horse wouldn’t make it his life’s mission to bring a guy like me to justice. MY horse wouldn’t follow me to the most precarious of circumstances—just to get his teeth on my satchel. Come to think of it—Max and I have a lot in common. But he’s still a fleabag.

RAPUNZEL may have lived her entire life locked inside a tower, but she’s no damsel in distress. The girl with the 70 feet of golden hair is an energetic, inquisitive teenager who fills her days with art, books and imagination. She’s full of curiosity about the world, and she can’t help but feel that her true destiny lies outside the lonely tower walls. She’s always obeyed Mother Gothel by staying hidden and keeping her magical hair a secret, but her 18th birthday triggers her need for adventure.

Rapunzel is currently enjoying said adventure with the help of a charming thief named Flynn Rider. Though Mother Gothel would surely not approve, Rapunzel’s hair-raising journey might untangle a few secrets along the way.

Describe your relationship with Mother Gothel. Is this a typical mother-daughter relationship, filled with ups and downs?

Rapunzel: There are certainly a lot of ups and downs—though it usually involves me letting down my hair, and Mother grabbing hold for a ride up into our tower. Is that typical? Mother loves me to death—she says so all the time. She goes to great lengths to protect me… though there are days I wish she wouldn’t.

Your first encounter with Flynn Rider wasn’t exactly ideal. What was going through your mind?

Rapunzel: Honestly? I was searching the tower for something good to strike him with. I was shocked at first—I mean, there was a person right there in our tower. And a little afraid… there was a PERSON in our tower! But once I knocked him out and dragged him to the closet—I felt……strong. When it comes to intruders—and knocking them out—I highly recommend the frying pan. Very effective.

What are your hobbies?

Rapunzel: Hmmmm… hobbies. I lead a pretty quiet life, tower-bound and all. Is cleaning a hobby? [SMILES] I do like to read… and play guitar… and knit. I do some cooking and baking and ballet dancing. I like puzzles and pottery and candle-making. And painting. I love to paint. The tower is covered with my paintings—all of them, in some way, reflect my dreams, my fantasies. I do love daydreaming. I like to sit by the window with Pascal— my chameleon and my confidant—and fantasize about someday seeing the floating lights.

So what is it about these lights? What makes them so special?

Rapunzel: That’s what I want to find out! Every year on my birthday—MY birthday—I see hundreds of floating lights. I look forward to those lights. It’s as if each one is a flickering symbol of life… or maybe love… or hope. Yes, it’s definitely hope. From a distance, they’re beautiful—breathtaking. Can you imagine what it would be like to see the lights in person? [SIGHS] I can.

Why would a girl like you pick Flynn Rider to be her guide?

Rapunzel: He’s worldly, right? Of course everyone seems worldly to me. I knew when I met him that he was right for the job because he was… well… there. I didn’t exactly have a lot of options. And with criteria that included having spent time—any time—OUTSIDE my tower, it was a pretty good bet that he’d qualify. Besides, I think the whole swashbuckling bandit thing is a big act.

Seventy feet of magical hair—burden or blessing?

Rapunzel: Both. I mean… it’s a LOT of hair. Brushing it is quite a chore… and hoisting Mother into this tower day in and day out isn’t easy. The hardest part by far though is the hiding. Mother says there are lots of people who’d like to get their hands on my magical hair. So it gets lonely up here. But all in all, I really do think my hair is a blessing. Mother tells me all the time how special I am because of it. And it really comes in handy—I can hang from the rafters while I paint, and if a bandit should invade my tower, 70 feet of magical hair is an ideal tool for tying him up while I decide what to do next. How many girls can say that?