According to Deadline Director Ivan Reitman and Sony Pictures have just sent the Ghostbusters 3 script to Bill Murray, understandably Sony won’t be signing off on the budget until Murray is committed:

“Reitman and Sony Pictures have no idea if the mercurial Murray will smile on the script they’ve just sent him. Without Murray, the studio absolutely will not make the film, which gives an extraordinary amount of leverage to a quirky actor who leaves financiers sweating until the moment he shows up on the set.

This is too big a project to play games. “The studio won’t even think about forward on a $150 million film unless Bill has a closed deal and a commitment,” said an insider. “It’s too huge a risk to do any meaningful prep, hoping he shows up.”

Until I’m sitting in a cinema watching this film with a big tub of popcorn and sipping on a medium sized Pepsi Max, Ghostbusters 3 will forever have a release date of the 32nd of Nevuary 2000andnever for me. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more updates about this flick in the coming weeks.