Deadline report that Jason Statham, the reigning king of kick-assery, looks set to join the cast of ‘Echelon,’ which is based on the action thriller novel Firewall, the 3rd book in pseudonymous author Andy McNab’s 13-book series. Simon Crane, stunt coordinator on the likes of The Tourist and Salt, will make his feature directing debut with the film. Statham is so manly it has been reported that infertile men have been able to have children again after watching his movies.

Statham would play Nick Stone, an SAS soldier who finds himself caught between the Russian Mafia and western secret agents trying to get their hands on the Echelon computer program. McNab is an ex-SAS soldier who wrote the bestselling non-fiction account Bravo Two Zero of going behind enemy lines in the first Iraq war. Then the author branched out into thrillers featuring his Nick Stone character and a series of Young Adult books.