Three weeks into his filming process for Ridley Scott’s forthcoming Alien movie ‘Prometheus,’ Michael Fassbender caught up with Hero Complex to talk about the hugely anticipated film – my personal excitement meter is officially set to ‘squeal like a Japanese schoolgirl’ for this flick!

The actor talked about creating his Prometheus character: “I feel I’ve got it at my fingertips, it’s there but challenging and, you know, I’m excited. I’ve got a few ideas that I’m running with and I think I’ve got a grasp on it but it’s always something that, organically, moving on its own course. I’m having a lot of fun with it. There’s a lot of interesting quirks and niches to him and I’m having a lot of fun exploring it.”

Fassbender also shed some light on working with Scott: “It’s great. He’s just so precise and fun and mischievous and just full of interesting and quirky ideas for the character. They come to you in passing but then he lets you run with it and there’s a lot of freedom there. I’m really just enjoying it and everything in general, the whole crew is so veteran and talented from all departments down, the camera, wardrobe, makeup, props, the works — you’ve got the cream of the crop and it’s an honor just to be allowed to be part of it.”

‘Prometheus’ will arrive in cinemas 30 years to the month after Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’ –  the director’s first sci-fi film since that classic starring Harrison Ford, Sean Young and Rutger Hauer. Fassbender talked about how ‘Blade Runner’ holds a special place in his heart: “It’s my favorite movie. I just love that movie. And really I love all the different versions, I just don’t care, I love that world and whatever you want to take from it you can take from it, nothing is fore-set in any way. I love that it’s a very feasible futuristic place, and again that quality that you’re in a thriller but you don’t know it. There’s always something at play and everyone has an agenda but none of it is really openly expressed.”

‘Prometheus’ is set to hit cinemas June 8th, 2012. The film stars Fassbender, Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Sean Harris, Rafe Spall, Logan Marshall-Green   and Kate Dickie