In Michael Bay’s hugely anticipated summer blockbuster ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon,’ Tyrese Gibson stars alongside the likes of Shia LaBeouf, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, John Turturro, Patrick Dempsey, Ken Jeong, Frances McDormand, Josh Duhamel, Alan Tudyk  and John Malkovich as USAF Chief Robert Epps, a combat controller and a member of NEST. Check out what he had to say about the film below. ‘Transformers: Dark Of The Moon’ hits cinemas July 29th.

There’s such huge interest in this franchise…

Tyrese Gibson: After you see Transformers 2 you think where are they gonna take the action? How is it even possible to go anywhere from where the action was on 2? But they’ll see, they’ll see. It’s really crazy man, it’s a lot for your brain to take in. There’s so much action, so much drama, but yet it’s all so focused, it all makes sense in the end.

This is our toast to the fans, that have kept us relevant, kept us hot. I’m able to go on record right now and say outside of the fact that I’m in the film, I’m Transformers biggest fan. I was a huge fan when I was a kid. When I got a call to be a part of this from Transformers 1 it was like a dream come true. I’ve even got a tattoo on my forearm, I’m committed to this franchise, it’s beautiful to know that the fans are showing up and keeping us hot. It’s a great ride, Transformers fans will not be disappointed. The scope is much bigger, the 3D is a very big deal, it’s not just 3D, it’s a real experience, it’s huge, it’s epic!

How does your character link up with the story?

Tyrese Gibson: My characters name is Robert Epps, I play a Master Sergeant in charge of all communications pertaining to the aircrafts. My whole thing is about the communication and correspondence, where we’re landing, where we are dropping bombs, where all the action is supposed to take place on the ground, keeping us safe.

At a certain point Shia shows up to my secret operation, I was on a classified mission, working with the Autobots on some top secret stuff. He shows up to my job randomly and asks me to come back and join in on this mission to defeat the Decepticons. I was a little reluctant but then I decided I’ve got a problem with these Decepticons and what they did to my friends too. Then, I’M BACK, Epps is back.

How was it working alongside Josh Duhamel again on the front lines?

Tyrese Gibson: Me and the Lennox character, we’ve always been like the yin and the yang. He’s Captain Lennox, I’m Master Sergeant Epps and we both have a lane, we both have a mission to accomplish the mission. It was just good to work with Josh again, he’s grown as an actor, he’s grown with taking on the responsibility of co-ordinating and being a leading man, taking charge and putting it all together and making it all stick like glue. It was good to see him take charge with Transformers 3, he’s doing a lot more communicating with the robots, helping to get the mission accomplished.

What was it like working with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, a newcomer to the franchise? A lot was made of her joining the film.

Tyrese Gibson: I wanna go on record to all of the fans out there and tell y’all that she did not replace Megan Fox, she is playing a whole other character, her name is Carly, we were all focused on how she is gonna add to the mission. Her energy, her focus, her grace, her integrity, her spirit that she brought to the movie is gonna surprise all of the fans. They’re not gonna be able to compare. Is she better? Is she sexier? Ahhhh, it’s two different people, two different missions, two different situations and they’ll see for themselves when they watch it. I really enjoyed working with her, we connected and bonded in a major way. It was great to have her come onboard and become a part of the mission.

There’s some amazing action in this film, with all the buildings falling down, the plane jumping, some of the stunts must have been incredible to do and see?

Tyrese Gibson: They built this rig for that scene, it literally goes all the way up in the sky and down, this thing had to be like 150 feet to 200 feet in the sky. We were sitting at the top and Michael Bay yelled action, they threw chairs and glass, all this debris, we are sliding down this building doing this scene. Then on that same rig that lifts us up in the sky they built it also as an interior, so outside of the exterior shots and sliding down the side of the building we were on the inside, they had all this office equipment, all these chairs like it’s a regular corporate building. When they turn it up we were just sliding on the ground, it’s a lot (laughs), a lot of fun but damn (laughs).

That was crazy to see, first of all, who are you guys willing to jump off the Trump towers and all these places (laughs)?! Luckily it went all down without a hitch, we were all praying and giving these guys good energy. At one point this guy jumped off the building, these guys, because they’re such adrenaline junkies, one of them I remember walking up to him and asking him when he landed “are you ok?” You could see his hand shaking, he was good, these guys are just out there for real. When people see this there’s no CGI, there’s no Green Screen, these guys really jumped of the building, don’t try to do it at home.

Shockwave is the main villain in this one….

Tyrese Gibson: Shockwave in this movie, he’s aggressive. He’s not here to play games, he makes my job very uncomfortable. I know that our mission is to talk about, and talk to robots while there not there on the set, but you feel their presence because of the stuff we had to do. The stuff that we were dealing with when we were doing these scenes really gave us a sense of Shockwave and his guys coming to the planet and ready to kick some ass and take some names. It was uncomfortable.