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Sources include a private Xin said Ks meet two kinds of matters of beer cattle Omega eyebrow Xin alpha Ken rod Pai Yao discharge from the martial sheath Qiao Sigou Liang Zhang exergy PI septempunctata felt static gray between the deer 3 refers to the Rui Machinery tomb impossible idleA meters Ren The prime minister after 3 months, from April, Germany invaded Western Europe, completed 8 months ago to conquer Poland intense adjustment started in international relations. The rest of Europes independent countries one after another fall Norway, Belgium, Luxemburg, Denmark, Holland and france. Adhere to the British forces in France in the last minute withdrawal, almost without military resistance to fall into German hands. Overnight, changed the geopolitical view of tokyo. For 3 long years, Japanese guides have been locked in their own against Chinese war, can not see the military or political victory. The Nazi victory in Europe for Japan to seize the UK, France and Holland in Asian colony created hitherto unknown opportunities. Today, the German Soviet border controls to most European resources from Europe, and is ready to invade England, therefore, depend on German this upward force, benefit and make up for the weakness of the expected rapid growth in. When the meter can not solve the longterm be in suspense and the German Alliance problem, the army overthrew his cabinet, but Yu Ren did not make any stop. A through the flat marsh, Abe and meters three cabinet ruling of a jumble of international crisis, Hirohito satisfaction watching a war and the expansion China southward advance policy.

He didnt have to come to a deadlock free of Japan from the Chinese war out to do a personal effort. As long as the Japanese policy to Chinese remain unchanged, it is possible to improve relations with American. Hirohito believe Japan Southern advance policy is ideal in the strategy, his main worry is that if the Navy continued to push South words, Britain and USA will take what kind of attitude. A in the summer of 1940, the strategic conception of added two new factors, has increased the pressure on Hirohito, forcing him and the new German Alliance advocates more closely together. One factor is the German conquest of Western Europes terrible destructive power to the British military, apparently alone, in the edge of invasion by Germany another factor is in the Stalin and Hitler Treaty of asylum, re adjust the Soviet foreign policy. The Soviet Union seemed as the axis to inject new strength, also appeared on the Soviet Union will re military support to Jiang Jieshis fear. In this quick conquest and intense diplomatic strategy change situation, in the triple alliance problem and Anglo American confrontation, Hirohito very hesitant, indecisive to stand firm against the army, or to change positions agree army requirement. Emperor Showa, the final decision is more for the maintenance of the same nature of the Japanese, and not with the Nazis in the ideological goals. The fourth part theAAA trial in Tokyo war crimes trial ofAA in early 1942, Emperor Hirohito had learned that the public objectives is the trial of the major war criminals allies. Moscow declaration of 1943 November confirmed

this point. In 1945 July, the Potsdam declaration also reiterated the goal. In August 8, 1945, the international military judge signed in London IMT of the Charter explicitly stated policy on war allies. And so, in August 9 to 10, when Yu Ren and government leaders consider surrender when war crimes issues has become a major heart disease in their. In September 11, 1945, when Macarthur ordered the arrest and detention of the first batch of suspected war criminals, they worry about this more serious. Among the suspects are the emperors confidant of prime minister not only because of repression of the gendarmerie implemented under his rule of the cruel, but also because the rations of injustice, so the Japanese people are very hate him General Tojo. The dangerous situation in front of theA ruling elite is panic, higashikuni cabinet immediately proposed by Japanese Independent presided over the trials of war criminals, to regain the initiative in the hands of the allies. Hirohito has hesitated uneasiness. If war criminals on his behalf in accordance with domestic law to be punished, so he will be placed in a paradoxical position, it will be very embarrassing. All the time since, higashikuni every day to see the emperor, suddenly, he reduced the number to. Second days 13 days light foreign minister request GHQ allows Japan independent trial, denied by GHQ. And there will be hosted by the Japanese official war crimes trial not Tokyo trial will have Japanese Judge participation there will be no against Japanese forces to the Japanese people commit crimes trial. These dirt

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