The Hollywood Reporter bring word that Eva Green has entered negotiations to play the title role, Artemisia, in Noam Murro’s upcoming prequel to Zach Snyder’s ’300,’ ’300: Battle of Artemisia.’ Green would play a ruthless, gold-covered goddess who persuades Xerxes to amass his army and helps lead them into battle. ’300: Battle of Artemisia’ is based on Frank Miller’s upcoming graphic novel that takes Xerxes, the Persian leader who is an antagonist in ’300,’ and turns him into more of a pivotal figure. He’s a man in search of godhood after the death of his father, battling an Athenian warlord named Themistocles.

The story takes place over the course of several years, but the focal point is the battle of Artemisium, which occured in 480 BC. Previous reports had Snyder – who in my eyes done a fantastic job with ’300′ – pegged to direct until Warner Bros and producer Christopher Nolan signed him up to helm ‘Superman: Man of Steel.’ Noam Murro (five-time DGA nominated commercials director) is on board to direct the film. Look out for ’300: Battle of Artemisia’ sometime in 2013.