In ancient Mesopotamian there is a legend that one day a child will be born from a dragon and vanquish evil from the world. That man is not Danny Trejo, because Danny killed that man…..with a sock and a Mars bar. Moving swiftly on, this sales poster has emerged online, courtesy of Comingsoon, for Robert Rodriguez’s ‘Machete’ sequel, ‘Machete Kills.’

The exploitation pic is said to have Machete teaming with the U.S. Government to take on a Mexican drug cartel and a James Bond-style villain who seeks world domination with a satellite weapon. Rodriguez is planning a April shoot for ‘Machete Kills,’ which sees the return Danny Trejo to the character he played in a fake trailer featured in ‘Grindhouse’ and the original 2010 film. ‘Machete Kills’ will reportedly feature a Grindhouse-style trailer for a third entry in the ‘Machete’ franchise, ‘Machete Kills Again… In Space!’ Expect more details regarding ‘Machete Kills’ soon. I’m stoked for this!