Per Variety, Christian Bale is said to be in early negotiations to star in Todd Field’s (Little Children, In the Bedroom) ‘The Creed of Violence,’ the Oscar nominated writer-director’s adaptation of Boston Teran’s acclaimed novel of the same name. The story depicts the 1910 Mexican revolution via the gun sights of an unlikely duo: small-time assassin Rawbone and John Lourdes, a young Bureau of Investigation agent. The two are forced to work together to infiltrate the Mexican criminal underground, encountering thieves, smugglers and professional killers. Bale is in the early stages of negotiating a deal to play Rawbone.

Universal Pictures is set to distribute ‘The Creed of Violence,’ which is being produced and financed by Cross Creek Pictures. The films producers are said to be targeting an early 2013 start date in both the American Southwest and parts of Mexico. Christian Bale is coming off an Oscar winning performance in David O. Russell’s ‘The Fighter,’ Yimou Zhang’s ‘The Flowers of War,’ and Christopher Nolan’s third and final Batman movie, ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ in the dual role of Bruce Wayne and Batman. This year he’s filmed Scott Cooper’s (Crazy Heart) ‘Out of the Furnace’ and two Terrence Malick movies. Check out the synopsis for Boston Teran’s ‘The Creed of Violence’ novel below.

Mexico, 1910. The landscape pulses with the force of the upcoming revolution, an atmosphere rich in opportunity for a criminal such as Rawbone. His fortune arrives across the haze of the Sierra Blanca in the form of a truck loaded with weapons, an easy sell to those financing a bloodletting.

But Rawbone’s plan spins against him, and he soon finds himself at the Mexican-American border and in the hands of the Bureau of Investigation. He is offered a chance for immunity, but only if he agrees to proceed with his scheme to deliver the truck and its goods to the Mexican oil fields while under the command of Agent John Lourdes. Rawbone sees no other option and agrees to the deal—but he fails to recognize the true identity of Agent Lourdes, a man from deep within his past.

As they work to expose the criminal network at the core of the revolution, it is clear their journey into the tarred desert is a push toward a certain ruin, and the history lurking between the criminal and agent may seal their fates.