The Wrap has uncovered brief plot details for Wally Pfister’s Johnny Depp-starring directorial debut ‘Transcendence.’ The Oscar-winning cinematographer’s sci-fi/fantasy flicks is said to “follow three scientists, attempting work on stem cell and advanced computer technology, which will change the fundamentals of human life. Tension comes into play when they are met by protest and resistance.” Alongside Johnny Depp, Pfister is reportedly eyeing Christian Bale to play one of three leads in the film. The likes of James McAvoy, Tobey Maguire, Noomi Rapace and Christoph Waltz have all been linked to the $120 million budgeted film.

’Transcendence’ will shoot in Los Angeles – a shift from potential East Coast locales, owing to new plot elements – when cameras begin rolling in February, 2013. Pfister, who won an Oscar for his cinematography for ‘Inception’, is well known for his work on projects with Christopher Nolan. His collaboration with Nolan has spanned seven films, beginning in 1999 with ‘Memento,’ and earning him his three Oscar nominations and one win. Four of those Nolan films starred Bale.  Wally Pfister recently completed ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ with Christopher Nolan and served as the cinematographer on last year’s best picture nominee, ‘Moneyball.’ Other credits include such films as ‘The Italian Job’ and ‘Laurel Canyon.’ Nolan and Emma Thomas are serving as executive producers on ‘Transcendence,’ which will be financed and produced by Alcon Entertainment. The screenplay is by newcomer Jack Paglen.