luke evans fast & furious 6

Since Dom (Vin Diesel) and Brian’s (Paul Walker) Rio heist toppled a kingpin’s empire and left their crew with $100 million, our heroes have scattered across the globe.  But their inability to return home and living forever on the lam have left their lives incomplete. Meanwhile, Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) has been tracking an organization of lethally skilled mercenary drivers across 12 countries, whose mastermind (Luke Evans) is aided by a ruthless second-in-command revealed to be the love Dom thought was dead, Letty (Michelle Rodriguez). The only way to stop the criminal outfit is to outmatch them at street level, so Hobbs asks Dom to assemble his elite team in London. Payment? Full pardons for all of them so they can return home and make their families whole again. ‘Fast & Furious 6′ also stars Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Sung Kang, Gal Gadot, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Elsa Pataky Joe Taslim and Gina Carano. The film has been scheduled for release on May 17th in the UK and May 24th in the US. Justin Lin directs.

How was it for you joining this group of actors and what was it about this film that appealed to you?

Luke Evans: I had a great time, it was very special. Everyone was very lovely, from the top down director Justin Lin was very warm and welcoming. It was just a really great experience, lots of fun memories. It was hard going, it was a full on shoot and a lot to do and a lot to learn and a lot of physical demands, but it was really really special. And for me, what’s great about it is that it has a really great story behind it. Obviously you have the main characters that everyone knows already from the franchise, but now you have this bad guy and his team which are almost impossible to catch, they seem to be invincible. So you have this very strong story line, which is then wrapped up in these incredible fight sequences and stunts sequences – which are almost unimaginable that they could be done.

What do you think separates Owen Shaw from the other people the team have faced before?

Luke Evans: He comes from a different place. His background is military, he’s special ops, paramilitary trained, so he’s an elite man – he’s been trained to such a high level in many things. And Shaw is now using that against them. It puts him in a much higher bracket as a threat than the other people who have been a threat to the team. He’s very clever, he’s very quick, he’s very fit, he has money, and his motives are very different to that of the team because they have family and integrity, whereas Owen could replace anyone in his team and it wouldn’t matter to him at all, you know? When somebody works in that mentality that makes for quite a dark force and a dark threat, it makes for a very good villain.

Michelle Rodriguez Luke Evans

Shaw, he’s basically a good guy gone bad. He’s now out for himself, he’s not out for anything but himself. He’s incredibly intelligent, he’s very precise in his execution of anything. He’s always one step ahead of them in the story line.  I think it frustrates the whole team to why he always gets away just before they catch him – and there’s a fantastic unveiling of why that happens later on in the film. He’s trained in the arts, the martial arts, so he uses a lot of forms of fighting that the others don’t know, they’re essentially street fighters. He uses his mastery in those sorts of art forms and so he becomes a physical threat to even the bigger guys in the film because of what he uses and how he uses them. He’s a very capable guy (laughs).

And Shaw lets it known to Dom that he knows his weakness, he sees his loyalty as a weakness?

Luke Evans: Yeah. That scene at the Battersea Power Station between Dom and Shaw, he talks about that fact that Dom’s biggest weakness is his loyalty, you know? Shaw is very aware that loyalty makes you vulnerable, and if your vulnerable you can become predicable. I’m basically giving him in that scene the reason why I’m always one step ahead of him, and that I can break him at any point. Everybody wants to be loyal and have integrity, but in this business… and Shaw has a huge amount of respect for this man, he knows where he comes from, from this street kid in East LA to heisting a $100 million in Rio. He sees it, he knows everything about this man and he has respect…. there is a mutual respect there to a certain level. So that’s why he’s so honest with him in that point of the film, because he realizes that, “This is what separates you from me, and this is why I will always have the upper hand. You will never be able to forget that you have this family and this loyalty. Whereas, I couldn’t give a damn about any of mine.”

The Flip Car provides Shaw with a great introduction in the film, and it shows what he will do to achieve his ends….

Luke Evans: Yes, definitely. It’s a perfect introduction to his character and you see how ruthless he is. These people have to understand that he has no qualms in upsetting anybody or losing anybody, you know? He’s out for himself at the end of the day. He has a team, but if they make a mistake and they die, well that’s their fault – that’s his attitude. That car race at the beginning really sets him up perfectly, and the team very quickly realize that they have a real threat and a real bad guy, and he has something that Dom never thought he’d see again, which is Letty. It ups the ante to a whole next level. It’s very very clever.

I can imagine you had a lot of fun with the Flip Car?

Luke Evans: The Flip Car’s incredible (laughs). What I think is even more incredible is that car was designed in Justin Lin’s imagination, he basically described it and I’m sure he drew it out in a very primitive form and gave it to Dennis McCarthy, who was able to create this car. It’s sort of roughly based on a Formula One car, it’s very low to ground and it has a very wedge shape and huge tires. It’s 480 brake horsepower I think, 8 exhausts – the noisiest thing I’ve ever hear in my life (laughs). It’s fast and incredibly powerful. The title “Flip Car” obviously gives it the away slightly (laughs), but it can basically drive up to a car, or if a car is driving towards it, it can make the car flip off the road. They basically built one and it worked, it does everything it said on the tin (laughs), which is extraordinary, there was no faking going on. It’s amazing, it’s an incredible machine.