USA Today has unveiled these first two images from David O. Russell’s ‘American Hustle.’ Following the success of O. Russell’s Oscar-nominated ‘Silver Linings Playbook,’ Columbia Pictures recently announced that they’ve pencilled in the corruption drama for a December release. ‘American Hustle’ will see a limited release on December 13th and will expand everywhere on Christmas Day.

Written by Eric Singer and David O. Russell, and starring Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Alessandro Nivola, Louis CK, Michael Pena, Jack Huston, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro, the drama is based on the true story of a notorious financial con artist (Christian Bale) and his mistress/partner in crime (Amy Adams), who were forced to work with an out of control federal agent (Bradley Cooper) to turn the tables on other con artists, mobsters, and politicians. At the epicenter of the entire tale is the passionate and volatile leader of the New Jersey state assembly (Jeremy Renner) who is also the local hero and mayor of impoverished Camden. Expect to see a trailer for the film shortly.