Dominic Cooper Dominic Cooper Speaks On Duncan Jones Warcraft

In a recent chat with Crave Online, Dominic Cooper opened up about Duncan Jones’ ‘Warcraft,’ which is based on Blizzard Entertainment’s award-winning ‘World of Warcraft’ universe. “There’s a very human story at the heart of it,” Cooper says, “because there’s a few of us that are humans in it that are up against tribes and problematic issues that exist in the world that we exist in. It’s happening all over the world at the moment and you see it happening all over. People have savaged their own lands and their own environment and they’re having to find a new environment in which to move into through the hostility of others. If there’s something as poignant as that that we can relate to and that we see unfolding in everyday life, then it will make it a worthwhile story.” 

Alongside Dominic Cooper, the likes of Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster, Toby Kebbell, Rob Kazinsky and Daniel Wu are also on board in key roles. ‘Warcraft’ is penciled in for a March 11th, 2016 release date. The ‘Warcraft’ script was written by Charles Leavitt and rewritten by Duncan Jones, who will direct. Production is set to begin in Vancouver this month.

Earlier this year it was announced that Duncan Jones is making the jump to big-budget tentpole movies, signing on to helm the live-action adaptation of Blizzard Entertainment’s video game universe ’World of Warcraft.’ ’World of Warcraft,’ one of the most popular multiplayer online role-playing games out there, is part fantasy, part science fiction and — depending on the game you’re playing — includes elements such as dragons and orcs, zombies and werewolves, and aliens and spaceships.

Duncan Jones made his feature debut writing and directing 2009′s ‘Moon,’ the awesome indie sci-fi drama that starred Sam Rockwell and cost around $1 million to make. He followed that up with 2011′s ‘Source Code,’ a time travel thriller that starred Jake Gyllenhaal and cost around $35 million to make. ‘Warcraft’ is expected to have a budget north of $100 million. With Jones on-board as director my hopes are high for this one!