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set of his induction barrier, not only to protect his jiu their lives, but if the barrier has happened, he is also able to sense the first time.
‘color scales, you will feel at ease practicing, but here Ming jiu python family stronghold, has commanded the demon eyes open down here to be off-limits and sent the strong fortification, surely you will not suffer any interference, etc. Your future success exit, then back to the stars fell Court, ‘Xiao Yan mouth a move, a small voice is wrapped in a grudge pass into jiu lives among, immediately he did not do too slow, turned shaped , is facing the distant Shanlue away.
‘crashed ……’
after Xiao Yan and small medical cents away again soon, jiu lives among crashed also heard the sound of water,Coach Outlet Online, in its depths,Coach Outlet Online, that huge figure flurry of subtle motility, huge colorful eye pupil slow slowly opened, first looked up in the direction of Xiao go far away, after a moment,Coach Outlet Online, she finally bowed his head, looked at the lives jiu deepest among snake pupil has special light shining from a enter This jiu their lives, she is among felt a faint Ruoyouruowu call, and after half a month of this induction,Coach Bags On Sale, she finally is able to determine that the call is from the end of their lives jiu distributed out ……,
that end,Coach Outlet, is not the place to seal the demon close the eyes, but that deeper place,Coach Outlet, but there, even has a different fire guard Xiao Yan, are afraid to set foot
‘Although protected feeling good, but I still prefer a stronger than you, although now some difficulties, but always have to try ……’
pupil colorful snake slowly blinking, immediately toss tail color scales, a large body of water that is brought up a ** rapidly toward the end of their lives jiu storm swept away.
‘Xiao Yan brother, day demon Phoenix family who, inevitably tear cracks in

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soul of the family and a few days demon Phoenix family strong body, the force of fury, those guys shook vomiting inverted.
this sudden turn of events,Coach Outlet, which is a nine-feng, who was surprised, quickly transferred over the eyes, and then to see that lying is far jade soul act recklessly, as the followingColor is the drastic change up.
‘soul Jade actually so quickly he packed up?’ Nine Feng hearts thrown a stormy sea as the face of the soul of jade, even if he can not say that can beat each other in a short time, however,Coach Outlet Online, this is not just a few to ten minutes time,Coach Outlet, he is directly in the hands of Xiao Yan became a dead dog.
‘whether it is you want to say anything themselves,Coach Outlet Online?’
Xiao Yan eyes, fired nine phoenix, faint voice, so that the latter was slightly shook palm, looking volatile, but ultimately did not say a word to a soul jade have failed so dismally He certainly doubt the mother thing.
‘hopeless situation today, this kid, the amplifier has become, only to family elders had just too much on those able to pick up the’ nine phoenix eyes flashing, and ultimately swallowed her anger with the intention to kill, this time, again What show the intention to kill, will no doubt provoke soul with jade general fate.
a word suppressed for all this space, Xiao Yan glanced up not far struggled to get to the soul of jade, my heart is surging with the intention to kill his family and soul, is basically endless immortality leader in the situation,Coach Outlet Store, which the soul of jade, or the soul of the family among the younger generation, if it can be beheaded, and presumably also the soul of the family will be some heartache, in that case,Coach Outlet, and that this time, saying that these guys are not to be missed.
Xiao Yan made up his mind to the idea of ​​the soul jade when these people to stay

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tick in talking back and forth a dozen times, the Wu Xiao Yan slightly,Coach Outlet Online, eyes slowly closed, the pace gently forward a step, a step down, stature, such as lightning directly in the tens of meters away along the way place, leaving four residues ‘shadow.
among four special penalty has – three quickly dissipated. The last of the dissipation rate is slow a lot,Coach Outlet Store Online, but lasted nearly twenty seconds or so, but also slowly into nothingness between the lines. Xiao Yan from the road within the shadow of the foot,Coach Outlet, felt a very slight hint of soul fluctuations.
‘? must appear in that blur Yisha will leave a trace of soul in which parties can unite to spare, but that when the speed is so fast, how might leave enough time within their soul’ Xiao Yan wrinkled – brow , muttered.
pondering for a long while, still to no avail Xiao Yan can only sigh, three thousand mine Disillusionment practice. Indeed difficult, but he did not give up, Xiao Yan have confidence in ourselves, no matter how three thousand mine Disillusionment again difficult to repair, he is also scheduled to be held the successful practice, to the time and cost to meet again when the old guy yao , if the avatarCast out. I do not know that old guy will anger vomiting blood on the spot?
gloating sneer a cry, Xiao Yan is aroused by this stuff touch stubborn resistance,Coach Bags On Sale, a bite, breath again, following three thousand thunderous display. One not on a hundred times, a hundred times not to a thousand times, although three thousand thunderous consume quite a grudge, but as long as the practice can be successful, Xiao Yan was also countenance these concerns.
mind made up his mind,Coach Outlet, Xiao Yan is also completely give up the rest, so the dark forest. A road Yinmang – At first glance, however put, like wildfire among the faint-like,Coach Outlet, but fortunately

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some incomprehensible.
‘Try this, ‘Xiao Yan smiled, satisfied that the ring will be from the ancient ruins of the holy struggle to get that right arm to take out’ and then connected to the bones of the shoulders, although some do not fit the size, but in Shaw Under cohesion between inflammation flame trim ‘is full of both is fast fit together.
‘holy fighting arm?,
old drugs extraordinary eyesight, saw it was bone white jade arm, is looking for a change, in my eyes a touch of color shock.
‘. ah, from ancient ruins to get inside, and Xiao Yan smiled and nodded his head and said:’ Whatever this thing is useless,Coach Outlet Store Online, but also hard-line degree less fully qualified. ‘
fighting hard bones of St. extent, Xiao Yan is personally seen,Coach Outlet Online, this thing is sure to have its extraordinary place, but he did not think for themselves with, and he wanted to use it as impossible, he can not order This is something to cut his own arm Jieshangqu again, as if there will be any sequels’ he do not know, if at all, ‘and that is somewhat more harm than good, and now the old drugs, but there is no such concerns.’ He there is no body, into this new body after he entered ‘will gradually perfect fit with him, this arm’ in the future, it will be truly his own ……,
nodded slightly old drugs, which is installed at the time of refining the body cow holy arm, he has never heard of,Coach Outlet, but since it is fighting the holy thing,Coach Outlet Store, and that there should be no small role, perhaps,Coach Outlet, in the future also will be an opportunity to break through to fight holy,
will fight holy arm connected to the bones ‘Xiao Yan is in command of three thousand lotus fire temper a lot’ to be obtained after the connection between the arm and the skeleton is very perfect, This nodded with satisfaction.
temper after a long,Coach Outlet Online, gray skeletons that

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few whole body blood red figure, to stay in this area, looking fierce sun maskThe disappearance of local, mouth roar bursts of anger,Coach Outlet, but it did not have the slightest way …
angry roar after a few times, and that a few blood-red figure, also had to give up, his eyes looked fiercely at one class of cover, and then with a number of lizard people,Coach Outlet Store, Fu Wen leave.
With their departure, which is an area, but also once again become quiet,Coach Outlet Online, and that the disappearance of the mask, but also without the slightest trace, it seems, it seems that this would not exist in general. Eight hundred and seventieth chapters Skyfire Venerable When Xiao Yan stature
break through that layer of transparent light, an unusual fluctuations he clearly felt from the body scans and over, while it shares fluctuate in physical contact with the fall of their heart inflammation, the is rapidly dispersed quietly, and Xiao Yan’s body, which is successfully entered.
shuttle into that Yi Sha, full red red eye quickly dispersed, replaced by a faint misty white,Coach Outlet Store Online, Xiao Yan catch herself,Coach Factory Outlet, eyes cautious four sweep of the sweep, and finally stopped in a central location that suspension of the mysterious bones above.
space here is clearly seen in the previous Xiao Yan mask, but perhaps because of visual reasons, at the moment there seems spacious lot, but it can and can glance.
turned his head, Xiao Yan at first sight look beyond the mask, and that the arrival of the flame of a few people Quintana bloody lizard also be found in him, his face a little bit solemn moment, I did not expect this mysterious lava groups actually really have with so strong, that a few bloody lizard people by his strength was previously struck that a more powerful,Coach Outlet, according to Xiao Yan guess probably already reached a peak level of imperial

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the inner courtyard of nearly a kilometer away, also in this Yisha, was razed to the piece look is not closed at the end of the ground on the ground, the flat was not the slightest obstacle
‘there is a wave,Coach Outlet Store, be careful, some stay away!’
looked just wave a wave of fire that is causing such a terrible destructive power, the Soviet Union thousands body once again could not help but shudder, immediately cried hastily.
hear thousands Su Sheng, this time,Coach Factory Outlet, almost all the strong are mad retreat,Coach Outlet Store, previously those flames engulfed the fate of the powerful magic valley inflammation clearly told them, if mounted spread, not even gray will be left! When the Soviet Union thousands of
Baotui in their eyes suddenly looked at the battlefield located in the courtyard below, where there is a lot of student presence, the moment his face is pale many, quickly shouted: ‘All participants, fast find a secluded place! ‘
Soviet Union thousands Sheng fall, electric hospital suddenly fell into a panic, no mathematicsLooked fled, looking for cover in place, and now they are looking to understand that terror lotus sky on fire, has been out of control, Xiao Yan seniors, if at the time of terror broke out more energy, I am afraid that the entire inner courtyard are will be razed to the ground instantly.
Su thousand at the moment to remind undoubtedly somewhat late, including the hospital into a panic when it has become weakened among many black winter clouds, bright colorful light beam, the sky suddenly Baoshe, outside Barry are all clearly visible that the sky light beam.
beam rises that Yi Sha,Coach Outlet Online, a huge fireball foot about two feet,Coach Outlet Store Online, sailed from the cold cloud rising into the sky, then a fireball into the destructive power inherent in the direct space around so that was extremely distorted up,Coach Outlet, even,