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‘Gone Girl’ Team Of David Fincher, Gillian Flynn & Ben Affleck Looking To Remake Hitchcock’s ‘Strangers On A Train’


According to Deadline, Warner Bros. Pictures are looking to reunite the ‘Gone Girl’ team of director David Fincher, screenwriter/author Gillian Flynn and actor Ben Affleck to produce a remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1951 thriller ‘Strangers on a Train.’ The film will be produced by Affleck under Pearl Street, the Warner Bros-based banner he runs with Matt Damon.

This version will be based on the Alfred Hitchcock adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s novel, but it will be a modernized version of the story that might just be called ‘Strangers.’ The outlet write, “Affleck will play a variation of the role played by Farley Granger of a tennis pro who is bored with his marriage and wants to get divorced, but instead gets entwined with a wealthy socialite psycho who proposes the notion of exchanging murders. The twist here is a compelling one. Affleck will play a movie star–in the middle of a campaign for an Oscar during awards season–whose private plane breaks down and is given a ride to LA on another plane by a wealthy stranger.”

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channing tatum gambit

Awesome Artwork Of Channing Tatum As Gambit

channing tatum gambit

Fan art by Wee Arts.

Earlier this month the long-rumored ‘Gambit’ X-Men movie – starring Channing Tatum – has been penciled in for an October 7th, 2016 release date. Although unconfirmed, I expect the Ragin’ Cajun will be teased in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse,’ which opens on May 27th, 2016.