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Disney CEO Reveals That “At Least Three” Solo ‘Star Wars’ Films Are In The Works

Star wars Boba Fett by jamga Disney CEO Reveals That At Least Three Solo Star Wars Films Are In The Works

Speaking at a Q2 Fiscal 2014 Earnings Conference Call, Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger confirmed that “at least three” ‘Star Wars’ films are in development beyond the new trilogy of “Episode” flicks. Up until now, only two of these standalone projects were confirmed.

Beginning with the release of ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ on December 18th of 2015, future ‘Star Wars’ movies will alternate annually between the ongoing sequence of “Episodes” and a series of standalone movies. Other than rumors pointing towards Han Solo, Boba Fett and Yoda, nothing concrete has been confirmed with these standalone movies outside of Larry Kasdan and Simon Kinberg’s involvement on the screenplay side.

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