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Awesome “Movie Alphabet Project” Based On Iconic Films By Doaly

movie alphabet 26 doaly Awesome Movie Alphabet Project Based On Iconic Films By Doaly

Doaly has put together this brilliant movie alphabet project based on iconic films. Doaly’s description for the piece is as follows: “I set myself a little task to create a movie based alphabet of iconic films but I wanted to start and complete the project in one day, from choosing the films to creating the final artwork. With so many great movies to choose from it was hard choice hence why I’m labelling this project vol:1 because I know I’d like to go back and do vol:2 someday and maybe only give myself half a day. There you have it Project 26, 26 letter, 26 movies and 12 hours.” Head on over to Doaly’s website, Facebook or Twitter for more excellent designs.