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Li, Xiao Yan on deadpan face is swept
had an obliterated meaning, this flood home, indeed, being very disgusted …
‘Hung Li to your identity, shot against a junior, is a little too out of status, right?’ Han glanced at the pool side
Qiaolian pale Han Xue, finally could not resist the Nu Sheng said. Li Hung
pace slightly meal,Coach Outlet Store, a pool skimming glanced Korea, sneered: ‘His strength, may be sufficient when compared with our generation,Coach Outlet Store Online, and
also junior? Han pool, your home if you want to intervene in Korea, then, though,Coach Outlet Store, as long afterwards was afraid of thunder Court afterwards, then, hey Hey
‘ Li Hung
hear discourse threat Korea is a pool face ashen, but also really not shot, Shen Yun previously that
remarks, the weight of the wearer of them Han. Thunder Court, he is not able to compete anxious Han big thing then. Han did not dare be seen
pool Alert, Hong Li once again proud smile, hand grip,Coach Outlet Online, sharp-edged sword that is present in their hands
, the white blade shining in the sunlight, reflecting some promise Hanmang daunting.
shabu! Shua! Shua! In the hands of the sword in front of a few random split stitch, I saw that even space is the emergence of minor depression, Although Li Hung
this man very despised, but the strength,Cheap Coach, but it is no better than the Korean pool poor! , According to Xiao Yan expect, I am afraid this
guy is a half a foot into the hopper bands were other strong.
But regardless of whether he is half a foot into the bucket cases, as long as he’s not really into that level, Xiao Yan is not their
have the slightest fear, half a foot into a real fight with cases still is has a great gap! Chung Sheng out within
forceful teal grudge slowly since the flood three-dimensional, aShares towering wind suddenly emerge, whining in the Plaza On
blowing up,coach bags outlet sale, it is

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the body’s blood Kaoru children’ if such a thing happened, I am afraid of those old guys are family will be forced to sell So you should know the consequences. ”
Xiao Yan nodded his head with a wry smile, the big man in front of him coming out ‘is to explain this a little ridiculous do you want?
‘This is just to remind you of the way, ‘I appeared in this, the biggest problem’ or your body Tuo homes ancient jade emperor. ” Gu Yuan paused ‘and then looked at the Xiao Yan,Coach Outlet Store Online, slowly said.
heard round the ancient Emperor Yu Tuo words’ Xiao Yan also could not help looking slightly changed, ‘he naturally knows that this ancient emperor Yu Tuo homes are now considered the most precious thing xiaojia’ captured the soul of the house of the reason His father,Coach Outlet, ‘the order’ is this mysterious jade ‘but something in him Jade’ is only a few people know.
‘Tuo homes ancient emperor, was fighting a grudge mainland last emperor ‘after him’ even go now, some people are never again reach the bucket that exist only in the legendary emperor of the realm,’ Xiao Yan did not care about changing face ‘Gu Yuan self-serving: ‘The Legend’ at the fall of the ancient Emperor Tuo homes, left behind the remains of a bucket Emperor’ in which ‘has broken out to fight holy secrets were not for this fight since it was discovered Emperor ruins,Coach Outlet Online, many years ago, the ancient family of eight with some super powers Plains is war erupted, but in the end,Coach Outlet Online, but only just got the keys in your hands is the ruins of the ancient Emperor Yu Tuo homes’ this thing, originally divided three, but having gone through a series of tragic World War, it is split into eight pieces,Coach Outlet, just to be family income at the time of the ancient eight,Coach Outlet Store, while the piece in your hands, one of which is the eighth ” ‘
Xiao Yan nodded silently ‘these

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even fighting are strong respect for the number of peaks can not keep up, but unfortunately, this kind of thing, Now it is too rare. ‘Xiao Yan surprised when’ a laughter suddenly came from behind.
Xiao Yan tilted his head and saw the man get behind a white robe was smiling standing on man’s forehead, a vivid imprint is slowly burning flame, this man was the same day that another store Xiao Yan pavilion among the See people.
‘Thank you informed. ‘ This white-robed man
natural smile, Xiao Yan is able to feel that he did not hold any bad thoughts,Cheap Coach Purses, the moment is the smile, Bao Quan said.
‘Oh, polite, and the next fire-hyun ” white-robed man with a smile.
‘Xiao Yan ” Xiao Yan also laughed, but the fire-hyun is waved ‘said:’ Dan will champion Xiao Yan, Oh, I naturally know. ”
‘fire-hyun brother Yan family who should be, right? ‘Xiao Yan smiled and said.
for Xiao Yan reveal his identity, the fire-hyun is not unexpected,Coach Outlet Store Online, smiled and nodded his head and said: ‘I really want to say it,’ long before the two of us do not know the origin of the family is quite Xiao Yan brother’s visit to the ancient community,Coach Outlet Store, whether To-day the tomb is opened? ‘
‘day tomb? ‘
hear this word, Xiao Yan is robust. Xiao Yan
seen such a reaction, fire-hyun also startled by startled ‘soon come to realize,Coach Outlet Store Online, said:’ ‘This is one I overlooked, since the fall of senior Xiao Xuan,Coach Outlet Store Online, Xiao family is never again had Proterozoic and wanted something’ also lost in the tradition. ”
‘fire-hyun brother can talk about this tomb is the thing what day? ‘Xiao Yan laughed.
‘This is something for you, this is no secret, so tell Xiao Yan brother is nothing wrong ” fire-hyun hesitated.’ laughed: ‘This day the tomb, is left over from the ancient and the next,Coach Outlet Store, which has not less strong tomb, which among your ancestors is

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vast temple, surrounded by a number of sizeable covered with Dan Den ‘either decorative or pomp, etc., are far below the two can be compared.
‘here is a very strong poison, and can corrode the body of a grudge, be careful. ‘
small medical cents for gas is most sensitive,Coach Outlet, entered here, is aware of the doping potent poison gas into the air, the moment is cautioned.
heard, people also nodded his head and his eyes looked in ‘in this third layer, and can vaguely see some shadows,Some people do not breath is extremely weak, the worst case is in the bucket level ‘of course’ no skill points, then broke into the third layer, it is only looking for trouble in the end.
Xiao Yan suddenly entered a pedestrian here, no doubt caused a lot of attention ‘but it did not take the initiative to talk with someone over, the people here, who are at each other with preparedness.
‘,Coach Factory Outlet, I do not know that there is no third layer of the legendary Nine immortality? If so, that would be some really crazy. ‘Skyfire Venerable look around the room that Dan sweep of the sweep, laughing.
‘Nine immortality would be impossible,Coach Outlet, the kind of immortality-order goods,Coach Factory Outlet, even for strong holy struggle, it is quite rare. ” Xiao Yan smiled ‘casual yet still find the one without people patronize Dan room, slowly and enter. Dan
this room size is not small,Coach Outlet Store, because the others have not yet been visited ”d still looks so neat, responsible for inflammation after searching a lot, it is in to find a roll of ancient prescription, a little glance, that is Revenue is satisfied that ring, it is now time to look these things can not. In addition to these volumes
prescription,Coach Outlet Store Online, there is a bottle of unopened immortality, since leaked out Dan faint aroma of view, it should be seven items wanted immortality, but as for what the

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up with Xiao Yan,Coach Outlet Store, although this time with Xiao Yan beside sampan no longer be as indifferent as ever, but this is just as well to treat XiaoYan Under the premise of his friends, if ordinary passers-by, in a small medical cents mind, life as worthless, took it took,Coach Outlet Online, lives in this world, killing more, numb themselves naturally, all these years in the hands of district cents The spirits of the dead, or at least fear of thousands, she can in front of Xiao Yan also suppress the kind of live in the hearts of indifference, is already not easy. ‘ With the small medical cents
turned away,Coach Outlet, chill this piece just quietly dispersed on the road a lot, a road alarmed eyes stared straight ahead graceful shadows away, soon wiped the cold sweat, did not think this woman is not unusual figure. Fortunately, not previously ventured forward, otherwise. ‘
previously thought, when that road merciless eyes on awe-inspiring, heart by pouring cold, some road trail, is a kind of snakes are feeling the stare.
this woman, being bullied. Under
line slope, the step, the line for some distance,Coach Outlet Store Online, the huge gates is Xiao Yan eyes appear among those outside the gates, at the moment is a long row of queues,Coach Outlet Store, noise, noisy sound from here spread, so have people fameng ears.
looked at countless topless. Covered with scars exposedChested bruiser who huddled together long, slightly cluster of small medical cents Liu Mei,Coach Outlet Online, a little bit over the top; she is not fond of such occasions.
seems to know the community’s concerns cents. Xiao Yan slightly amused look at the city gate at the sweep of the sweep.
‘Hey, this bitch really juicy roast so long did not see the best stuff.’
‘quack, the little girl is not bad, the boat that can really discuss people like eggs.’ ‘
‘Zi, your physique. but it happens like a little girl,

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‘five from the flames! ‘
Wuling complementary ‘terror from the sky temperature is immediately filled and open, even with those distant dark clouds above the horizon, are being Zhengkao was up slightly thin virtual ‘distance square nearer trees’ direct is visible speed becomes yellow ‘final bang bang, burst into a ball of ashes,
five head huge fire spirit in the sky above the singular form of the matrix method ‘and Xiao Yan’ is at the front of the eye position.
‘call’,Coach Factory Outlet, ‘
swift passage of the body feeling vindictive ‘Xiao Yan is also a deep breath’ soon turned to the distant sky ancient demon ‘at the moment, which is’ still with his eyes closed’ but its diffuse out of the body Perishable breath that ‘it is more concentrated.
‘five fire dish again,Coach Outlet Store! ”
Xiao Yan is not that kind of party will have to wait until the power of the people unite to peak just pedantic hands, the moment a change fingerprints ‘Li He, together sound ‘is heard since the mouth.
Sheng fall,Coach Outlet Store, around five head huge fire spirit ‘respective sky and shouts,Coach Outlet, and soon the sky suddenly between the high-speed rotation’ and in this and other terrorist rotation,Coach Outlet Online, Xiao Yan in which this space ‘direct and open a crack’ a Road huge dark crack ‘as hideous mouth generally’ over the horizon constantly emerging.
‘bang bang’ ‘ With the fire spirit
rotating faster and faster ‘to get later’ is actually turning to a two-colored baizhang huge fire dish ‘fire tray suspended ‘rapid rotation’ audible bursts of sonic boom of Xiao Yan head,Coach Outlet Online, kind of filled with terror and open energy ‘even ancient modest’ virtual this and other ancient ancient patriarchOld ‘are looking for a change. Venerable
Skyfire looked almost enveloped half a slice of the huge sky colored fire dish ‘is increasingly fiery eyes blazing’ this ‘is the real