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Stunning ‘Game Of Thrones’ Artwork Of Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys By Sam Spratt

sam spratt the mother of dragons Stunning Game Of Thrones Artwork Of Emilia Clarkes Daenerys By Sam Spratt

Available today (September 2nd) from 12pm EST, until 3pm EST on September 16th. You can purchase the piece here. For more of Sam Spratt’s work head on over to www.samspratt.com and samspratt.tumblr.com.

“This piece was digitally painted back in March using a Wacom Cintiq Tablet from sketch to finish. You may notice the hair being fairly wooshy. I’m very proud of this wooshiness. I’ve seen the show in full. If I’d read the books I would know that her eyes should be purple and her hair should be silver-er. She seemed like the least likely to die and thus the art would live on forever, but I haven’t read the books so I could be totally wrong.” – Sam Spratt.

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