First off, yes it does look like a Bourne movie, but so what, it gets a pass from me, I love intelligent action films, I always like Matt Damon and I thoroughly enjoyed the Bourne films. The featurette gives you a bit more information about the story than the trailers so far. This is definitely one of the films I’m anticipating most this year

About a pair of CIA agents (Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear) on the trail of Weapons of Mass Destruction and a foreign correspondent following their mission. Inspired by “Imperial Life in the Emerald City.” Green Zone is directed by Paul Greengass of Bourne Supremacy and Ultimatum as well as Bloody Sunday and United 93. The script was written by Brian Helgeland, of L.A. Confidential, Conspiracy Theory, Mystic River, and Man on Fire previously. This is loosely based on Rajiv Chandrasekaran’s non-fiction book The Imperial Life in Emerald City.