eva mendes 2013

Bloody-Disgusting bring word that Eva Mendes and Rob Zabrecky have joined Christina Hendricks and Ben Mendelsohn in Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut, ‘How to Catch a Monster.’ Mendes is said to be playing “Cat,” a prominent figure of the Big Bad Wolf Club, while Zabrecky is to play a cab driver. Principal photography for ‘How to Catch a Monster’ is scheduled to commence in May.

Written and directed by Ryan Gosling, ‘How to Catch a Monster’ is said to weave elements of fantasy noir and suspense into a modern day fairytale. Set against the surreal dreamscape of a vanishing city, Billy (Christina Kendricks), a single mother of two, is swept into a macabre and dark fantasy underworld while her teenage son discovers a secret road leading to an underwater town. Both Billy and her son must dive deep into the mystery, if their family is to survive.

Eva Mendes will next be seen on the big screen alongside Ryan Gosling (her real-life boyfriend) and Ben Mendelsohn in ‘The Place Beyond the Pines,’ a drama from director Derek Cianfrance (Blue Valentine). The story for that film explores the consequences of motorcycle rider Luke’s (Ryan Gosling) fateful decision to commit a crime to support his child. The incident renders him targeted by policeman Avery (Bradley Cooper), and the two men become locked on a tense collision course which will have a devastating impact on both of their families in the years following.

Alongside Eva Mendes, Ryan Gosling, Ben Mendelsohn and Bradly Cooper, the cast of ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’ also includes Rose Byrne, Mahershala Ali, Emory Cohen, Dane DeHaan, Gabe Fazio, Bruce Greenwood, Ray Liotta and Harris Yulin. Written by Derek Cianfrance, Ben Coccio and Darius Marder, ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’ arrives in cinemas on March 29th in the US and April 13th in the UK. The official synopsis for the film can be read below.

A mysterious and mythical motorcycle racer, Luke, (Ryan Gosling) drives out of a traveling carnival globe of death and whizzes through the backstreets of Schenectady, New York, desperately trying to connect with a former lover, Romina, (Eva Mendes) who recently and secretly gave birth to the stunt rider’s son. In an attempt to provide for his new family, Luke quits the carnival life and commits a series of bank robberies aided by his superior riding ability. The stakes rise as Luke is put on a collision course with an ambitious police officer, Avery Cross, (Bradley Cooper) looking to quickly move up the ranks in a police department riddled with corruption. The sweeping drama unfolds over fifteen years as the sins of the past haunt the present days lives of two high school boys wrestling with the legacy they’ve inherited. The only refuge is found in the place beyond the pines.