New RZA Interview talks on directing and ODB

New RZA Interview talks on directing and ODB

AVclub have done a really good interview with RZA, mastermind behind my favorite Hip Hop group of all time – Wu Tang, Producer, Rapper, Actor, Author and soon to be Director check it out,34255/

AVC: What’s your upcoming film The Man With The Iron Fist like?

RZA: I’m just going to say that I’m looking to make a real good movie for us, yo. I want to make something that… They said the album, 36 Chambers, by Wu-Tang, was new, different, and they said it helped propel the hip-hop community. I would love to do that somehow on film. I would love to make the same mark or impact, and I’m striving to do it with this film as my first serious directorial debut. And I’m going to tell you that we put a lot of time into the script, a lot of energy into it, a lot of people were supporting me on it, and if the energy comes out right, it should be a classic film to have in your library.

AVC: When did you start working on it?

RZA: I started writing it a few years ago. Right before Quentin did Grindhouse, I started writing it. And I was talking to Eli Roth about it. We all took a vacation to Iceland for New Year’s and shit. That’s some boys-being-boys shit. So we’re on our way to Iceland, and I just start talking about the film and shit, about the idea of it before it was fully written, and everybody kind of dug it, thought it was fun, thought it’d be real nice and shit. And I wrote a few scripts since then, but then Eli Roth came back to me after I had a few films under my belt, to say “I graduated from the school and I’m going to make my own movie now.” Eli came to me and was like, “Yo, I would love to help you make this Iron Fist movie. I just love it, I think the story is unique. I think it’ll be great for the genre.” So he re-inspired me to go back to it, and then I rewrote it again and showed it to a few people, other partners, and they all loved it, and they said, “Let’s polish it a little bit.” Then Eli personally helped me polish it up, which really helped me a lot, because he’s a smart guy, smart writer, and boom, there we are. We got it done, complete, circulating through the system, and it should be all cracking up pretty soon.

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